Thursday, August 4, 2011

Craft Night: Metro Card Art

Heyo! Unemployment: being broke is rough, but having lots of free time is amazing! While I know several people who are unemployed and struggling with the extra free time, bored is one word that does not describe my current mental/emotional state. I've been keeping myself busy doing lots, although I can't recount most of it because my memory of it evaporated into a hazy dream with that heat wave. I did recently make pickles with everyone's favorite Jersey based pickle masters and yesterday I made some intense banana bread with twice the required amounts of bananas, chocolate chips and yes, sour cream. mmmm. Other than that, I have sadly not fulfilled my crafting dreams this summer, but hopefully will be back on the train soon. For now, I am finally scanning in images from a craft night that we had a while back. The theme was metrocards as inspired by work such as this: Don't worry, fatty booms made sure that we doused the metrocards in rubbing alcohol (to sanitize them), which he believes is the cure for everything including back pains and old age. Enjoy!

My friend S did these and I think they're wonderful :)
And here's the back of them.
And here's some by G-face - some have the essence of Basquiat...
Can you guess which architect made this?
And here's the back of the one above - yowza!
Something's not quite right about this card...
And here's the back of it. Also I like that inspirational message.
Another product of GSAPP can't put the exacto knife down.
And now some portraits from those crazy lovebirds...

This is mine. Everyone else was more productive than I was!
Try your own! It's free! All you need to do is go to your favorite subway station and grab a discarded metrocard. Then get wild. Don't forget the rubbing alcohol.