Friday, October 8, 2010

This is what we made.

Alright, here it is folks. For craft night N and I picked up NYC postcards which we forced people to make purty. Then we mixed them up and sent them out to everyone so that they received a different one than the one they made. Damn, our friends have talent!

This card got cut off, it says "Lori Hamrock and Heidi Blair are overly excited about their salad."

Back to work for this guy.

G-face is real good with the 80's yearbooks.

Requisite flatulence reference.

I can't even describe what B wrote on the back of this card. It was funny.

3-d with popcorn - amazing.

Apocalypse bunny.

thanks everyone for indulging me!


Natalie said...

This is is a &*%#^@* awesome blog!!!
We should join together and overtake the so called "National Collage Society"

picklenugget said...

yeeeaaah show those hippies whose the boss!

Blazing Octopus said...

This looks so fun. Let me know when you have another one!!-- yifaa

Elizabeth said...

I love these!!! Wish I could come to your collage parties...

picklenugget said...

yeah aren't they great? you'll just have to plan your life around our craft parties.