Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Come From Monkeys - page 4

Okay, I admit it. I am the queen of big ideas that are often never realized. However, one of my big goals for this year (and ever on after) is to try and act on these ideas and make them reality. So far my many years in the making dream of performing a dance-in-a-bag piece (more on that in a future post) has come to life and my first performance was a success. An old friend of mine, also a dreamer, creator and a badass writer to boot is embarking on her own blog experience and has inspired me to be just a little more on top of mine. SO. Here I am again. My animal collage book, "We Come From Monkeys" is back on my brain (had a crazy dream about turtles and babies just last night) and I am trying to catch up on scanning in some pages I have already completed.

So, here is page number 4. If you scroll back to my post on August 27, you will see page 3, they are side by side in my book. As you can see NYC living has pretty much made mice a part of my daily existence, they can't be escaped. We used to have a joke about at least asking our mice to pitch in for rent. Ha. haha. yeah....that stays funny for about two minutes until you walk out of your apartment and there sitting on top of the garbage is an adorable little mouse, gnawing away at the leftovers of your dumplings from last night. And then they're on the subway platform on your way to work, and in the auditorium of the friendly neighborhood school. So, maybe this is just a way for me to feel a little more in control of those guys. Also I now have access to a better scanner and it seems like blogger has become more user friendly, so hopefully images will be bigger and clearer than in the past!

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