Friday, August 27, 2010

We Come From Monkeys - page 3

Okay so my scanner is kind of bootleg and I can't fit a whole 2 page spread, so I'll have to do this in 2 parts - just know that this page and page 4 go together. This one definitely doesn't look done, but I'm not sure what to add - any ideas? (That's for my mom, because I'm pretty sure she's the only one who looks at this).

magazine cutouts, claro.


flux biota. said...

i like the way the giant mouse and woman holding hands looks on its own. they look happy sitting on the mini house. I don't think it needs the bugle (?) or telephone shooting out of it's butt-butt.

check out amy casey's paintings, I think you'd like them.

picklenugget said...

Ha! Thanks for the feedback - it's a piece of cheese but it totes looks like a bugle..damn those were tasty. Yeah the things shooting out of the butt might not quite work...I felt like the background was too plain - I don't like empty white space it scares me, but maybe I should embrace it?