Thursday, September 2, 2010


So we have arrived in Portland, and as a guy I met here explains: everyone in New York totally worships Portland's ass - the NY times can't stop producing gushing write-ups and ny'ers wish they lived in Portland...besides the 9 months of grey which I think would really bring me down, I definitely see how people fall in love. Bikes everywhere, delicious (and affordable!) food and drinks, beautiful nature, and lots of creativity everywhere! My awesome friend (aren't they all?) Alicia has these amazing graphics hanging on the wall of her house which she got at a place that sounds like the exact description of my idea of heaven - a magical warehouse where you can get all kinds of found, collected, donated craft supplies (aka one man's junk) for real cheap. It's called scrap: and we passed by it today on a walk in our temp. neighborhood. It was closed but I got to peek in....amazing! We're gonna stop by tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have some finds to share...

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